Wednesday thoughts

Hey guys, how are y'all? Today I’m home alone. This is nothing special, but for me, it is because I haven’t been home alone for ages for more than an hour, and I didn’t realize how much I missed it (no offence to anyone). And guess what I did. I cleaned the whole flat from… Continue reading Wednesday thoughts


Being moved out

what have I learned so far since I moved in with my boyfriend? The past half year has been the most adventurous period of my life! In my last post, I mentioned that in September I moved out of the parental house and since then I’ve rarely had calm days. But tell you what, it’s… Continue reading Being moved out


3rd of December. That’s today’s date. 4th of September. What’s that? That’s the last time I posted something on Coffee with croissant. And one of my summer resolutions was this year to keep this blog alive. And I did. Kind of. For a brief period. I enjoyed doing it, even when I had zero inspiration… Continue reading 2.0