a hint of green

Hey guys!

I know I have been kind of MIA but life has been a bit hectic. I have been looking for a part-time job since spring, and now I started working at a H&M store in the town where my boyfriend lives. I packed up a big bag and for the past week I have been staying here. Obviously I’m going home soon but right now I’m enjoying my time and also struggling a bit with work because it’s tiring. However, today I had a day off and we went out for a long walk and finally did a photoshoot which I have been dying to do since I started this blog.


dress: H&M

bag: found it in my mom’s closet

sandals: Deichmann





This is my favourite summer dress and my favourite street in Sopron. I had lots of fun while taking these pictures, and excuse me for my baby hairs that you can see in some pictures. They were all over my head.

I hope you enjoy the pictures, feel free to tell me what to think.

Love, Fanni


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